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A Real Estate Agent's Gift


Free Moving in Portland, OR and Vancouver, WA

My clients know that going the extra mile is my superpower. Giving above and beyond the service you'd expect to make sure you get exceptional service—that can make all the difference in your home sale, purchase, or both!   

One way I go the extra mile (that my clients have found especially helpful) is by providing a free local moving service for both my buyers and sellers. I want to alleviate some of the burdens of the process, so Moving Day can not only be a hassle-free journey, but a happy memory. I know how stressful and costly moving can be, and there are so many ways taking this proverbial load off my clients' shoulders can make the buying and/or selling experience better:


1. A Helping Hand in the Move:

Moving can involve so many logistical challenges, whether it's hiring a moving company and coordinating transportation, or trying to drive a massive truck and carry heavy furniture yourself. By providing a free local moving service, I make sure my clients don't have to deal with any of the difficulties or details of moving—just a smooth transition to their new abode. 

2. Financial Relief:

Of course, one of the biggest advantages of my free moving service is the money-saving aspect. Moving expenses can quickly add up, putting additional strain on people who are already trying to manage the costs associated with buying or selling their home, like closing costs, new furniture, or storage fees. Throughout the entire buying or selling process, I'm committed to the well-being of my clients, and that means their financial well-being, too.

3. Time-saving Convenience:

Moving can be an incredibly time-consuming process, and it can take weeks of planning and organization just to move your things from point A to point B. My free moving service saves my clients valuable time they can use for packing, working, settling into their new neighborhood, or even just decompressing. My trusted moving team and I will handle all the logistics, so you can focus on what truly matters during this transitional period.

4. Personalized Assistance:

Every move is unique, and I understand that every client has specific needs and preferences. My free moving service is personalized to each client, so whatever your needs, I'll create a moving experience that's perfect for you. Whether that means arranging for specialty movers or coordinating the transportation of delicate valuables, I'll ensure a customized and stress-free experience for you.

5. Building Strong Relationships:

It might seem like I don't get anything out of offering a free moving service, but I actually get a great deal; the part of this job I love the most is the relationships I build with my clients. With this service, I feel like I get to go beyond the traditional role of a real estate agent and foster a more meaningful connection with my clients. And that means the world to me. It's just a simple gesture, but it's my way of thanking you for putting your trust in me, and showing you how dedicated I am to your overall satisfaction and well-being. I hope it leads to a sense of trust and loyalty that can last for years to come.


If you're considering purchasing or selling a home, please give me a call. I'd love to go the extra mile for you—including making your local move as seamless as possible.